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postwar adj : belonging to the period after a war; "postwar resettlement"; "postwar inflation" [ant: prewar]

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  1. of or pertaining to the period after a war

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A post-war period is the interval immediately following the end of a war and enduring as long as war does not resume. A post-war period can become an interwar period or interbellum when a war between the same parties resumes at a later date (e.g. the period between World War I and World War II). By contrast, a post-war period marks the cessation of conflict entirely. Switzerland, for example, has been in a continuous post-war period since 1815.
In Western usage, the post-war era is the period of time since the end of World War II, even though many nations involved in the Second World War have been involved in wars since. This usage often coincides with the ambiguous term post-modern.
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